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H.A.A.C. Membership Fees:

Tagsági Díjak Családi Tagság
Family Membership
Egyéni Tagság
Single Membership
Nyugdijas családi  Tagság
Retired Family Membership
Egyedüli nyugdijas Tagság
Single Retired Membership
Szociális Tagság
Social Membership

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All paid members are invited to the Christmas party free of charge. Paid family members may bring their wife and children under 18 yrs. old free of charge. Single members must pay for their guest.

Existing members: Please pay your dues by March 31st.

Instructions: First, click on Club Rules and read. Then, fill out the form below, insuring all the information you entered is correct. Then press the green “Submit Application” at the bottom. We will print the application and require you to sign it when you pay for you membership at the club.



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233 Somerset Street New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Application for membership

I, , hereby apply for membership in the Hungarian American Athletic Club. If accepted, I shall abide by the By-Laws and all rules of the Club.

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FamilySingleFamily RetiredSingle Retired
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The undersigned applicant or member of the Hungarian American Athletic Club of New Brunswick New Jersey, hereby agrees to comply with the house rules, By-Laws and regulations of said Club. Further agree to conduct myself at all times in the club premises as prescribed in the said Club's By-Laws, and not at any time create such disturbance that would cause damage to properties or injuries to myself, or other members or guest of said Club. I hereby waive, release and forever discharge the said Hungarian American Athletic Club from all manner of actions, damages, judgments, claims and demands whatsoever in law or in equity which against said Hungarian American Athletic Club the said applicant or member can, shall or may have for upon or by reason of any matter whatsoever, from this day on and during my membership.
Signature (type your full name here): Date:
I agree to uphold the Club Rules and the terms expressed in this membership application.